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If you need assistance, please ontact Jim or Jeremiah. at (304)592.5300 

This catalogue is to be used for reference only and information contained herein is not to be used to determine bid prices or values. All units are sold subject to approval unless announced absolute. All units are sold strictly AS-IS and offers are made as a result of item and no comments made by auctioneers, employees, or owners.
All units will have a $25 processing fee
Sale Amount    Fee Structure
$0-$299            $80
$300-$499        $90
$500-$999        $150
$1000-$1499    $200
$1500-$1900    $250
$1901-$2499    $270
$2500-$2999    $300
$3000-$3499    $370
$3500-$3999    $400
$4000-$4999    $425
$5000-$5999    $599
$6000 and up    10%
All purchased must be PAID for IN FULL by close of business Saturday (Sale Day) - No Exceptions.
Sellers will receive payment on Sold units within 14 working days.
Once vehicle is sold it becomes SOLE RESPONSIBILITY OF THE PURCHASER.
Any NO-SALE units must be removed from the premises by close of business day Saturday (Sale Day). The Buyer will receive Title in 14 Days.
Credit Card Payment are an additional 6%!
NOTE: Personal and company checks accepted only if accompanied by a "current bank letter of guaranteed payment." 
Bank Letter Must be on Bank Letterhead Addressed to Mountain State Auto Auction. Must be signed by Bank Officer including Title and Phone Number. Must 
read as follows: [Bank name] will guarantee payment on checks written by [customer name] not to exceed an aggregate amount of [specific amount] for the 
purpose of making purchases at the [Sale Date] Auction. [customer name] understands that no stop payment orders will be placed on these funds.